#CHUEGY Explained!!

If you've got a Gen Z'er in your life, you may have heard them toss around the word "CHUEGY" recently, and wondered "what the eff are they talking about?" If so, I hate to tell ya, but you might be just that...CHUEGY!! It's a term that has been floating around TikTok for a bit now to describe someone who is a bit of a "try-hard" or out of the loop of all things dope!

Whether or not this whole #CHUEGY thing takes off is yet to be determined. I feel like when I searched TikTok there weren't THAT many posts about it, but you know how things on that app work, blink your eyes, and BOOM it could take-off!! Recently an article in METRO UK...these are the 10 things that Gen Z thinks make you old AF!