Brooklyn Toddler Orders a TON of _______ On His Parent's Amazon Account!

Shout out to 4-year-old Noah in Brooklyn who scooped up $2,618 worth of SpongeBob popsicles from Amazon!!! I've always said this about today's toddlers...THEY'RE TOO DAMN SMART WITH TECHNOLOGY!!!! Noah is not your average 4-year-old as he was smart enough to have the purchase sent to his Aunt's house. His mom can not afford the purchase and Amazon won't refund her. So maybe you're wondering how many popsicles $2,618 is??? It works out to 918 popsicles! A friend of hers has started a GoFundMe for the mom of 3 who is a student at NYU and she has raised over $7,000. She said the surplus money will go into an account for Noah.