The Best Gatorade Flavors, Ranked and Reviewed


The Gatorade flavors that have been ranked and reviewed by BroBible only include the basic flavors that you can get on a daily basis. They did not include the flavors that only come out every once and a while or the limited edition flavors. 

The Gatorade flavors got ranked based on their readiness to quench your thirst when you really need it. And I mean isn't that the ultimate goal of Gatorade anyways?? So overall, the purpose is to rank the flavors based on what flavor is going to quench your thirst the best. 

Ok... are you ready?!

Coming in first place is Glacier Freeze, a.k.a. the light blue. I mean I think that this is a valid answer. It's both super delicious and makes me less thirsty!

The flavor that came in second place is the Lemon-Lime, a.k.a. the yellow. This was the original Gatorade that was created and engineered to quench the thirst of the Florida Gators in 1965! This flavor is multi purposeful! Not only is it great to use while exercising it is also super helpful when you're sick. If you have a fever and the shakes, Lemon-Lime Gatorade is great because it's just about all your stomach can handle. 

In third place, Riptide Rush, a.k.a. the light purple. This is a tasty yet versatile flavor. This is a classic, a go to flavor! 

Next is the Orange! This flavor did not get that great of a rating but it still gets your thirst quenched. 

Then comes a tie between, Cool Blue and Fierce Grape. These flavors are not the best and they are filling but they they do quench your thirst. 

Somehow, Fruit Punch got ranked pretty low. But we have to remember that the flavors weren't being ranked by how the taste but more so how much they quench your thirst. BroBible said that they think that red is the worst Gatorade flavor. I have to disagree.... I love the red flavor, it's definitely not my favorite flavor but I rank to pretty high on my personal list. '

Lastly, Glacier Cherry was given honorary mention since it didn't make the actual list. 

Did your favorite flavor make the list? Let us know!



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