Iggy Azalea Opens To Elvis Duran About Finding Happiness After Break-Up


Iggy Azalea opened up to Elvis Duran about the woman she has become after her 2016 break-up from fiance Nick Young

She told Elvis Duran and the Morning Show that for a while she felt lost and was unsure about her future in the music industry. 

"I was questioning if I felt like [music] was something that could make me happy doing because there was so much negativity. I never questioned if I loved making music." 

Her new single "Savior" is about finding a new path to happiness and all it entails. 

 "How do I get back happy again? What does that look like?" She continued, "The song began with me writing and talking about, 'Who is it that I'm going to meet in life that's going to give me this happiness?'"

"Savior" is the first single off of her upcoming album, Surviving The SummerIggy revealed that she expects it to be released sometime this summer.  

Check out Elvis Duran's video interview with Iggy Azalea below or listen to the full audio interview on the Elvis Duran iHeartRadio On-Demand Channel. 

Listen To Iggy Azalea's Comeback Track 'Savior' Featuring Quavo
Listen To Iggy Azalea's Comeback Track 'Savior' Featuring Quavo
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