Shawn Mendes Is 'Dreaming' Of Holiday Time With Camila Cabello, His Family

Shawn Mendes hasn't had quality time with his family all year long, but the pop star is preparing to spend some time with his loved ones this holiday season.

As part of his interview with Z100's Elvis Duran at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Mercedes-Benz Interview Lounge, the Canadian heartthrob opened up about the upcoming weeks. "I haven't seen my parents basically all year because of quarantine stuff," Mendes admitted. "I'm heading back with Camila [Cabello] and with my puppy to spend a couple of weeks with my parents over Christmas and I'm dreaming of this moment, honestly. It's all I can think about these days."

With his new album, Wonder, out, as well as an accompanying Netflix documentary, the star said he's never felt more comfortable in his skin nowadays, especially after releasing so many personal projects this year. "I feel more free than I've ever felt in my life," he confessed. "I think the truth about it is that the more everybody knows who I am in reality, the more I'm able to just be myself right now, talking to you and whenever there's something recording or anything, I'm just me. I feel like that's the most amazing feeling in the world. It's freedom."

As we loom closer to the New Year, Mendes said he's unsure about what he's most looking forward to when things go back to "normal," but he believes that the lockdown served a purpose for him. "I don't know how to answer that question because everything from just going to a coffee shop to have a coffee, to performing for people, to just going to dinner with friends. There's a million things. I can't wait...think in some sort of silver lining, this was meant to show me how great my life is and I've never been more grateful."

Photo: Josiah Van Dien

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