Adele Says '30' Is An Exploration Of Where She Would Like Her Life To Go

Adele is joining us the morning of the release of her new album '30'.

It has been six years since her and Elvis have gotten the chance to talk about music together and we are grateful to have the opportunity to learn the true meaning behind this long-awaited album. What does Adele say she got from the album? "I want to get myself to a point of understanding a majority of who I am," Adele explains to Elvis, "Be mindful of how I would like my life to be.. how I would like myself as a person to be so I can be a bit more productive with the decisions I make." She continues, "....An exploration of where I would like my life to go."

Adele also debriefs her recent CBS special "Adele One Night Only" at The Griffith Observatory. "I was so relieved and happy that people were able to my show to see live music again.... It gives me so much joy," Adele explains her night singing live in front of friends, celebrities and her son Angelo. "The set was wild, all the streets were closed and I remember saying to my driver ‘what’s going on here’ and he said ‘this is for you!’

Watch our full interview with Adele above as well as catch her tonight at 7pm at iHeartRadio's Album Release Party: An Evening with Adele presented by Target. Listen or watch here.

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