Guy Fieri Reveals The #1 Cooking 'Party Foul'

Guy Fieri joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Tuesday March 1st, to talk all about how he helped his brothers and sisters in the restaurant industry during lockdown as well as the #1 party foul for anyone cooking!

"I had a responsibility to support all my brothers and sisters in the business," Fieri tells the show. He then asked for the cell number of every CEO from companies like Pepsi to Uber Eats. That's when he got told my one of his partners that Pepsi was on the phone and they want to give him $1 million for this mission. By the end of the week he had $8 million. What an amazing thing Fieri was able to do for restaurants during the pandemic!

Gandhi then asked Fieri, what is the biggest 'party foul' someone could do who is new to cooking. "I’ve said this from day one, Fieri begins, "Go make a simple rice, asparagus a good green salad and then focus on one thing. Then you have something to eat if you ruin a part of it. Don’t bite off more than you can chew..." The next two things Fieri shares is that you should have "quality ingredients," he says, "nothing beats quality ingredients." Finally, Fieri says to "follow the steps... Steps really do mean something.. It's a process."

You can watch our full interview with Guy Fieri above as well as check out Season 3 of Tournament Of Champions out NOW on the Food Network and Discovery Plus.

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