Watch Lauren Spencer-Smith In First Live Performance Of 'Fingers Crossed'

Lauren Spencer-Smith is joining us on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to perform for the first time LIVE her hit song 'Fingers Crossed.'

The 18-year-old singer didn't come unprepared for her debut on the morning show! She brought us a present filled with her favorite things. The gift included, a vanilla candle, ranch dressing for pizza, vanilla hand cream and more. So sweet! You can watch us open the gift below and see Elvis Duran admit he actually likes eating ranch on his pizza.

What does the future hold for Lauren Spencer-Smith? "I want multiple Grammys... I would have a very successful album," she begins. "It's not really about everyone knowing my name... It's about people feeling inspired by everything I do."  

You can watch our full interview with Lauren below as well as her FIRST LIVE PERFORMANCE of 'Fingers Crossed'!

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