5SOS Talk ‘Really Special' Next Album, Secret Marriages, & ‘Complete Mess’

5SOS's Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford join Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Friday to talk all about their new song Complete Mess, upcoming album and secret marriages?!

"We love this one, it's a great first step for the first of the album," Hemmings tells the morning show over Zoom, "We made this one just ourselves, on our lonesome. It was really sweet band time together and this song is a real reflection." The duo follow up talking all about the next album and what it will sound like. "We have a really really really long album that we haven’t finalized, that we haven’t named, that we haven’t set a date," Clifford begins to explain, "It’s definitely there, it’s in a dropbox and if someone finds the link we’re totally fucked but it definitely exists in the universe." After laughing from his joke, Clifford gets serious saying their next album is "really really special" and the "most personal" album the band has ever made. "We’re positive that fans are going to want to listen to it and love it as much as we do."

Before we let them go, Gandhi had to ask Hemmings if he secretly got married to fiancé Sierra Deaton, who is known for her stop on X Factor. "I'm not secretly married, but I am engaged, but I didn’t get secretly married, not quite yet." That's when Clifford surprised all of us with a "I was secretly married for a year," statement..... WHAT?!

Watch our full interview with the 2/4 of the guys of 5SOS and be sure to check out their new song Complete Mess out now!

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