Lizzo Shares The Hilarious Line That Was Cut From 'About Damn Time'

Lizzo joins Elvis Duran and The Morning Show on Wednesday to talk all about her upcoming album 'Special.'

"You're talking to an Emmy nominated woman right now," Lizzo jokes to Elvis Duran, "This whole week has felt like a holiday." Lizzo continues to talk about her new album saying "It’s the best music I’ve ever made... I’m not nervous I’m just excited." She says, "I made this album as a love letter to everybody."

Lizzo's hit single, 'About Damn Time,' is sweeping radio stations across the country. Lizzo admits she wrote "thousands of versions" for the song revealing that she'll even say the wrong words sometimes. One line in particular Lizzo sings in the Elvis Duran Mercedes Interview Lounge "This song is dedicated to every boy I hate," which she says she took out.

Lizzo continues her conversation with the show talking about affirmations onstage, living in the moment as well as realizing mid-interview that she was LIVE on the air!

Watch the full interview above!

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