TikTok Is The Worst App For Getting A Good Night's Sleep

Man on his phone in bed next to sleeping partner

Photo: Getty Images

There's a new study out that takes a look at the effects of social media use right before bedtime and things don't look good for TikTok. The study reveals that people who use TikTok to wind down before going to sleep actually have a harder time falling asleep.

On average it will take someone 1 hour and 7 minutes to fall asleep and spend only 14% of their sleep cycle in REM sleep. That's half the recommended amount for an adult. People who don't use their phones prior to bedtime spend about 23% of sleep in REM.

Not to brag or anything but TikTok knocks me out immediately. The second my eyes get heavy that phone slips out of my hand and I'm done for the night.

That's what we call being built different.

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