Adam Rippon's Best Quotes From The PyeongChang Olympics

If you haven't done a deep dive into the world of Olympian Adam Rippon, now is your time. Because he is not going anywhere with this fiery and hilarious personality.

Yes, Adam also already has a bronze medal with Team USA from the skating team event earlier this week, but he deserves a gold for these iconic quotes.

First, on his love for Reese Witherspoon.

"There are so many emotions when I step on the ice. I want to represent my country to the best of my abilities. I want to make Reese Witherspoon proud."


On if he recommends the Olympics:


On preparing for his next event on February 16th:

"Can I just have a Xanax and a quick drink? I'll be fine."


This tweet on how he prepared for his Olympic debut:


On people who hope he fails:


On his newfound stardom:

“The other day I was joking to one of my friends. He was like, ‘You’re kind of everywhere right now.’ I was like, ‘I know; I’m America’s sweetheart.’ He laughed in my face." - Washington Post

On the Team USA Opening Ceremony outfits:

"Maybe if this were my fifth Olympic Games, I'd say, 'Oh, I wish it were like this, or like that.' But honestly, at this point in my life, if they said, 'Here's your opening ceremony outfit,' and then handed me a piece of rope and some broken sticks and a trash bag, I'd be like, 'IT'S GORGEOUS. I'LL MAKE IT WORK.' - GQ

And last but certainly not least, this tweet about Valentine's Day:


And for an added bonus, this Valentine someone made that he is obsessed with.

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