Leonardo DiCaprio Has This Fellow Celeb To Thank For His Role In "Titanic"

Titanic was like the MECA, meca, major movie that really put Leonardo DiCaprio on the level he's at today. Truly a career defining movie, so have you ever wondered who he turned into when deciding whether to take that role or not?

So, Paul Rudd and Leo were working together on Romeo & Juliet, and Leo told Paul he was offered a role in Titanic, but hadn't accepted it yet. They were ALL going to a bar and in the car together when Leo told him he was offered the spot and Paul actually had a special connection to Titantic. Paul's father was a Titanic expert, he would take people all over the world and talk to them about the Titanic.

Leo said, "Well, I don't know what I'll do." And Paul said, "You should do it!" I was reading this story and thought what a cool moment to look back on! Makes me think, who did you go to first to get direction in your life and or career? Who is your go-to? Share who that is with me on social, @TanyaRad!