Jenna Dewan Opens Up About The Moment She Found Out Channing Moved On

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum separated back in April of last year. We don't really know much about why the spilt happened or how everything unfolded after. All we know now is Jenna is happy in a relationship having a baby. While, Channing Tatum seems to be happy dating Jessie J.

But, Jenna just opened up about the moment she found out Channing had moved on..."There I was, on a plane, alone, finding out about his new relationship. I felt blindsided. Choosing grace as I learned everything about my personal situation along with the rest of the world was really difficult."

Now my reaction to this might be against the popular opinion here, but I think if you have been married, even if you divorce, I think you owe it to that person to give them a heads up when you are dating someone new. Especially when there is a kid involved.

I think that if you made that commitment for life with someone and you chose to get out of it, you still owe that person respect. For me, that means giving them a heads up.

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