Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving! Relive Our On-Air ‘Showgiving’

Yum! Ahead of Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 28, Ryan Seacrest, Sisanie, Tanya Rad and Patty Rodriguez celebrated together on-air with a “Showgiving,” our take on a “Friendsgiving,” and brought nontraditional Thanksgiving dishes they grew up eating and celebrating in their own homes during the holidays. 

Sisanie brought homemade chicken enchiladas with red sauce, Patty brought tamales de res and Tanya brought three different kinds of Serbian gibanica with cheese, spinach and meat.

So which dish did Seacrest pick?

Ry was supposed to bring an oyster casserole, but didn’t get around to it due to his schedule. (And, to be honest, we were kind of OK with not trying an oyster casserole 😂).

Watch back the celebrations in the video above and sound off on social @OnAirWithRyan which dish you make each Thanksgiving!