WATCH: Go Inside The Kylie Jenner Pop Up In Soho, NYC!

When Kylie Jenner opens up a pop up shop in NYC you know I have to check out the crazy scene.  I showed up about an hour before closing and waited on a line with the last group of people they were letting in.  The girl ahead of me said she waited over 12 hours.  My toes are still thawing out from just 20 minutes so I have no idea how she was even still standing....I digress...I was chatting with an amazing officer standing outside who said an estimated 10 thousand people showed up....HOLY MOLY!

Heres what it looks like from the outside..


Once I got's what happened...


While I was at the register this girl purchasing something next to me said "I have been waiting for this my whole life."  The cashier and I exchanged side eye glances.  King Kylie is a force! 

I ended up purchasing the FLAME sweat shirt which I think is kind of cool...I would have purchased the matching sweats but KYLIE doesn't sell herself cheap.  .


BTW the merch in the store goes on sale this morning at 10a!  However if you're in NEW YORK and you plan on going you have until Sunday at 27 Mercer Street.  

Once you're inside it's super fun.  There is a dj playing music and they don't rush you at all.  It was a little annoying that they wouldn't let you touch the clothes to look at them but the sales people are really helpful and will hold them up for you.  Just be prepared for a LONG wait and maybe a little frostbite.  


Shelley Rome

Shelley Rome

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