Rita Ora Opens About Close Friendship With Ed Sheeran


Rita Ora stopped by to hang out with Shelley Rome at the Z100 studios. The two reminisced about Rita's first visit way back in the day with her mentor Jay Z. "I remember that day because I was really sad. I missed my mom, I hadn't been home in a while," Rita recalled. "And Jay just showed up and I was like 'YAY!' because I didn't really know a lot of people in New York. He really took me in. They looked out for me so much." 


Rita also opened up about her close friendship with Ed Sheeran, as well as collaborating with him. The 26-year-old pop star said he gave her a lot of great feedback on her new music, too. "Do you know what's crazy?" Rita said of her relationship with Ed. "It's the best friendship ever. He's the coolest cat in the world. People are surprised, but we're actually friends. He's my homie. I love him so much."


We can't wait to hear the music Rita and Ed worked on together. Thanks for stopping by, Rita! 

Shelley Rome

Shelley Rome

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