Post Malone Dreams of Meeting Ed Sheeran at Medieval Times

Here's our takeaway from hanging out with Post Malone last week: he is one of the most fun guys to talk with. Even though he stopped by Z100 to promote his awesome new track 'rockstar' with 21 Savage, he was down to talk about all kinds of crazy, imaginative things. You know, like how he dreams of meeting Ed Sheeran at Medieval Times. While it may seem like an unlikely scenario, leave it to Post Malone to have it all figured out. If anybody was going to organize a collaboration at a medieval jousting tournament, it'd definitely be this guy. 

Post revealed that he'd actually love to collaborate with Ed after hearing he was fan of 'rockstar' and listened to it during photoshoots. He told Shelley Rome that in order for a collaboartion to come about him and Ed, that it would have to be natural and organic. "Maybe I'll meet him at Medieval Times somewhere down the road," he said. "That's how I picture it in my head. 'Ed, you go to Medieval Times, too?' Then we drink nice, cold pint of mead and make a song."

As we all know, Ed has some experience with medieval themed things since he guest starred on Game of Thrones last season. Maybe he prepared for his role by hitting up the dinner and show style jousting tournament and became a passionate fan. Hey, it could happen. 


Post also spoke about love he has for another pop star: Justin Bieber. The two recently toured together and the 'Congratulations' spoke about how positive the experience was for him. He spoke about large and varied the crowds are at Bieber's concerts, which was totally new for him. "You got parents, grandparents,  little kids, older kids, infants" he explained. "At my shows, there's a good age range. But there, you can get anybody." He said it was "terrifying" to take the stage before his sets during Bieber's tour because he wasn't sure how the audience would receive him. It turns out, though, that it went really well. " I had a lot of fun" Post said. "I love Justin to death." 

Now, though, Post is excited to be out on his own tour. While it was a great experience for him as an artist to open for Bieber, he feels he is more able to fully express himself on his own tour. "I get to drink and really express myself and break things," he joked around with Shelley Rome. Post said that although his tour just started, it's already going really well. He's bringing his good vibes and unique personality to the stage and it's paying off for the 22-year-old artist. 


We're loving 'rockstar' and are super excited to see what Post Malone gets up to next. Thanks for stopping by, Post Malone! We're keeping our fingers crossed that he runs in to Ed Sheeran at Medieval Times ASAP so we can get this collaboration started.  

Shelley Rome

Shelley Rome

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