Liam Payne Wears A Man Purse And Thinks Everyone Should Get One


Liam Payne stopped by the Z100 studios to promote his new song with Rita Ora, "For You," being featured in the next film in the 50 Shades franchise! 

50 Shades Freed which comes out on Valentine's Day is THE film to see with your girlfriends.. I mean Jamie Dornan..... come on, he makes us look like the heart-eyed emoji. Well with Liam coming in to promote his song for the movie, we had to ask about his own valentine plans with girlfriend Cheryl Cole. "I think Valentine's Day is more for single people," says Liam about the holiday. He says every day with his girl is like Valentine's Day, so why go crazy on one day out of the year. Couldn't agree more with this answer Liam, which is probably why you're not single... 😒 

That's not all we discussed in our interview though! When Liam walked in the studio today, we couldn't help but notice the absolutely fabulous man purse laying across his chest. He was totally rocking the cross-body bag but we couldn't help but wonder what was in it. "There's like credit cards and stuff, loads of boring stuff," says Liam about the bag. "I find it with jeans these days, that you wear these skinny jeans, and when you put your phone in they look bulky. And my trousers just have a habit of coming down in general when I weigh them out with loads of crap so I thought, 'man purses is the way to go,' continues Liam. 


Well we can't argue with him there. Write this down fellah's, there's a new trend starting! 

Before Liam left though we just HAD to pull out the nerf guns and go to war in the station... I mean how could we not right?! Liam had no idea what he was getting himself into but don't worry everyone, no pop-star was hurt in the making of this video below! 


What an awesome day! Come back soon Liam! 

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