Charlie Puth Is BFFs With Adam Levine, Borrows Behati Prinsloo's Clothes

Charlie Puth stopped by the Z100 studios to promote his Voicenotes tour with special guest Hailee Steinfeld, his new song Done For Me featuring Kehlani and more! While sitting down with me, we started discussing Charlie's obsession with Adidas, which if you've ever checked out my personal Instagram is all I ever wear. Well turns out Charlie wasn't just wearing a highlighter Adidas tracksuit that he bought in store..... Charlie actually admitted to borrowing this outfit from none other than Adam Levine's wife and supermodel Behati Prinsloo

I was completely taken aback! Adam, Behati and Charlie are all BFF's! First off WHAT? Second off HOW CAN I BE A PART OF THIS FRIENDSHIP?! 


When complimenting his outfit, Charlie responded saying, "It's actually not mine, I actually took it... took it from Behati, Adam Levine's wife,"We're like best friends." He goes on to say this isn't the first time he's borrowed clothes from the model... apparently it's a regular occurrence! 

Did anyone else have any idea that Charlie was so close with Behati and Adam?! We actually had no idea, especially because Charlie Puth went on Adam's show The Voice as a guest coach but not to partner with him.... When Charlie was on the show on season 11, he actually partnered with judge Alicia Keys... Was this just to mess with his bff and pal while on-screen? We have no idea but I am totally onboard for this friendship! 

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Shelley Rome

Shelley Rome

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