Eminem Said That He And Nicki Minaj "Go Together" At Governors Ball!

I was at Governors Ball on Sunday night where Eminem continued to fuel the fire about a potential relationship with Nicki Minaj.  He gave a shout out to his "wifey" saying "I know she's gonna see this. Nicki! Let's do this. I'm gonna tell you something about Nicki that she don't even know."  We go together."  

When he got on the floor and kicked his legs in the air the crowd went nuts....it was pretty hilarious! WATCH the video below.  

Also, wouldn't it be kind of funny if Eminem and Nicki Minaj really did start dating? 


He knew that Nicki was going to see that video and her response is hilarious.  I REALLY hope she does use this for her album intro...see her caption below! 



Shelley Rome

Shelley Rome

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