Liam Payne Reveals New Album Will Have One Direction Inspired Songs


Liam Payne stopped by the Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee Lounge in the Z100 studios on Wednesday June 20th to perform for a small group of fans and to catch up with us on his upcoming album, Father's Day and more! 

Per usual, Liam was an absolute delight to hang out with. There's something about his charisma and ability to carry a conversation that makes him one of my favorite people to have come to the studio. Even after the performance we were hanging in the Z100 studios and joked about him having a personal office here because of how often he is coming and hanging with us! 

This album coming though... we MUST talk about it! Like what are the collabs? When are we getting the actual album? What are all the song titles? Well turns out Liam doesn't have the answers to any of those things. However we did get the scoop on the sound he was going for and a little insight on who he worked with. For one thing, Liam let's us know that the album is going to consist of many different kinds of genres including rap, pop and some Spanish like his new song "Familiar" with J.Balvin. He even admits that the album has a few songs that will have "One Direction type choruses." What does that mean exactly? Well when Liam was writing the songs he was trying to take it back, remembering the days of sitting down with guys creating music. He says the lyrics in the songs he's getting ready to release are personal things that he has never actually spoken out and may never speak about... but the lyrics in the song will speak for themselves. Wow... we just can't wait to hear it all. Especially because Liam has been so open about who he in his songs already. 


After surprising us by singing the hit One Direction song, "Little Things," Liam admitted how important his old boy band songs still are to him. "They're amazing songs, I never want to see them die," says Liam. "We've said we're coming back and I do believe that we will," says Liam on the band getting back together. Singing these songs alone now though makes Liam "feel a little numb," because he doesn't have his boys backing up the vocals behind him, or singing the parts that he doesn't know as well because... well... he didn't sing those parts to begin with. 

We just can't wait for the future of Liam Payne. His future is so bright and I know his fans and I will be there to see him on his solo journey. Liam told us he "wants to make something great" with his music and I truly believe that he will! Can't wait to hear what's coming next for you Liam, but for now I will be listening to Familiar NON STOP! 

Shelley Rome

Shelley Rome

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