There Is Pizza Museum In Brooklyn That All Pizza Lovers Must Try


New York pizza lovers LISTEN UP! There is a pizza museum in Brooklyn that you must go to! Yes that's right I said a PIZZA MUSEUM. 

The Museum Of Pizza aka MoPi, is "an artistic tribute to pizza." Every minute you spend in there will be a beautiful memory with pizza made. Inside the museum you are treated to a slice of pizza and immersive installations by Optical Animal, Adam Green, Signe Pierce, Emma Stern, Gazoo, Hilary Hubanks, ShawnaX, Pinky Weber, and curated artwork by Rj Supa. Not only did I get to enjoy a slice, but I also got to experience all sorts of exciting pizza themed decorations. Definitely one of my favorite pop-ups I've ever gotten to go to. 

MoPi is at the William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg until 11/18/18, so get there while you can! You can by your tickets here

Shelley Rome

Shelley Rome

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