Static & Ben El Talk Music Inspiration And Hit Song "Tudo Bom"

Everything's all good for Static & Ben El aka Liraz Russo (Static) and Ben El Tavori , the Israeli musical pop duo that are making their way into the U.S.

This past March they signed a ten-year deal with Capitol Records to produce seven international albums... in ENGLISH. So what do you need to know about this amazing duo? Well they met in the studio doing their first collaboration together. Then they were told by each of their managers that "this could be huge, but you have to pair up." Well they were both quite against teaming up together. "I ain't pairing up with him" Static recalls thinking. Well thankfully they did because now we have this amazing music collaboration between two incredibly talented artists.

A mix of ethnic music and rap, these two have it all. So what does the future have in store? "As long as we're having fun...whatever."

What song should you listen to first to get to know them? Well their song Tudo Bom meaning "all good" in Portuguese is a great start because it's so happy, but take a look at all their past creations together for sure.

I can't wait to talk in Hebrew more with these guys but for now i'm just going to continue jamming out to their music! Watch my interview with them above to learn more about their musical inspirations and to find out how many tries it took Static to get that blonde hair!

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