Create Your Own Custom Lipstick In NYC Perfect For Makeup Lovers

Now ladies, it's Valentine's Day and I know what you're thinking... which lipstick will give me the LOOK I need tonight. Whether it's a night out with your girls, a night with your man (maybe next year for me?) or even just a day at work a women's first job is always to choose the right shade of lipstick. Well maybe that lipstick can only be made by YOU.

Enter Lip Lab by BITE in NYC, a store that literally let's you create your own lipstick, color, flavor, the name is all up to you! You have two options when you book your appointment A La Carte ($55 per person for 1 lipstick, $80 for 2 lipsticks) or Bespoke ($150 for 1 person). The differences in the services can be found here. You will be able to select a shade, finish, and a FLAVOR!

Your color artist will hand-mix unique pigment combinations based on your preferences to create completely original shades just for you! I went with a bright red for Valentine's Day, a simple color gloss for day and blue because well... Kylie Jenner. There was a vanilla scent so obviously I had to go there for one of my lipsticks because that is the best scent. At last everything was mixed, poured and cooled right in front of me. Then I was able to have my lipstick engraved with the name of my choice. I decided to name my three shades after Ariana Grande with Needy, Breathin' and of course 7 Rings! If you like any of my colors you can actually go to the store and ask for "Shelley's ______ shade" and they can create it for you right there!

You can come with a party of 6, with a girlfriend, sister or whoever and have a day of creating your own shade. Seriously, I had so much fun here and I know you could too.

All the prices for every experience at the Lip Lab can be found right here. See ya ladies soon!

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