Celebrate National Margarita Day With A 3-Liter Margarita Tower

How does one celebrate National Margarita Day? Well maybe with the LARGEST margarita tower ever seen in New York City. Mad Dog & Beans in midtown east offers a three-liter serving of margaritas. I can't stress this enough everyone... DO NOT drink this alone!

The tower is meant to serve 10 glasses of margs and costs $110. It's made with citrus fruits (no syrup), tequila and the ability to customize with one of nine flavors. You can chose from blood orange, blackberry, coconut, raspberry, guava, mango, passion fruit, pomegranate, strawberry and spicy serrano. We decided to go with the blue flavor made with Blue Curacao. Each flavor you get costs an extra $10.

Not going to lie, this is one of the best margaritas I've ever had. It's sweet, but not too sugary and I could not stop drinking it. Shoutout to Carlos who made the perfect guacamole mix to go along with my cocktails. Now I know it's National Margarita Day and trust me this is the place to go... but if you don't have a chance to go there Friday February 22nd, check them out the 12 days prior to Cinco De Mayo (May 5th), for 12 days of Cinco where the restaurant will have plenty of specials for you to chose from!

Drink responsibly!

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