The First All Vegan Pizzeria In New York Is Finally Here

I am a recent vegan and my cravings for cheese have been so real. Plenty of places in New York have vegan items, vegan cheese substitutes, but Screamer's Pizza is the FIRST all, entirely vegan pizza spot in New York. Located at in Brooklyn, you can enjoy a slice of pizza without the awful stomach cramps some of you may get from dairy. If you're vegan and in a dire situation to eat pizza, this may just be your new spot.

Walking into the hip very Brooklyn spot, the first thing I noticed was the old time chalkboard, pizza shop vibes mixed in with neon signs and stickers all over the walls. It is the exact nook in Greenpoint I would expect to sell dairy-free pizza. Now when the pizza got to me I was so surprised at the size. The slice was HUMUNGOUS (didn't stop me from eating 4 of them). I got my hands on a plain slice, buffalo cauliflower, mushroom and my favorite a slice of white pizza. All of which were delicious although my absolute favorite was the white pizza. Perfect mix of garlic and cheese. Unlike most vegan cheese it didn't taste as sticky... It honestly tasted like real cheese and I was very much into it.

Also.. FUN FACT! It's called "Screamers" because of the way the mushrooms sound when put on the grill... Cool right?!

Watch my visit there below!

Shelley Rome

Shelley Rome

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