Justin Bieber Taught Destiny Rogers How To Play Guitar


Destiny Rogers is not your average 19-year-old. The singer/songwriter just put out her EP Tomboy and could not be more excited about it. While discussing the origins of her music career, Rogers that Justin Bieber actually taught her how to play the guitar.

While in the Z100 studio with Shelley Rome, Rogers went into details about how she learned how to play the guitar. "I started playing guitar first, Justin Bieber actually taught me," says Rogers, but it's not like Bieber was showing up at her house for guitar lessons, "I would just watch YouTube videos of him playing guitar and singing and I had a guitar so I was just like 'I'm gonna see if I can do what this kid is doing' right? So I got my guitar and then I would copy his fingers, copy his strumming, and then once I learned one song I would click on a video and learn another song."

Rogers continues to say her dad played music and taught her the actual chords, brought her to a piano and eventually she decided to start singing. Eventually Rogers took her playing to social media. "I wanted to be like Justin Bieber so bad, so I posted a YouTube video."

You can watch Rogers full interview with Shelley above!

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Shelley Rome

Shelley Rome

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