Who Knows Beyonce Better: Zara Larsson Or Adele?

Zara Larsson has all the confidence in the world as she struts her way into the Z100 studios. One of my favorite people to have here as you can tell by the interview. Her song 'Don't Worry Bout Me,' is one of my favorites to play on my way to the studio. It brings me the bolt of self-confidence I need. Zara Larsson is known for two things in this world: One is for being an amazing singer/performer and the other is being obsessed with Beyonce.

Zara always talks how performers like Beyonce have inspired her shows. Now she's adding the twerking we all just LOVE! But who could win at a Beyonce fan off between Zara and Adele? We'll let you decide!

Watch my full interview with Zara above!

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