Tones and I Talks Humble Beginnings And The Story Behind 'Dance Monkey'

Rising artist, Tones and I, sat down with Shelley Rome at New York City's own Katz Delicatessen to talk her humble beginnings and the story behind her song "Dance Monkey"

Tones and I tells Shelley Rome how seeing her face on a billboard in Times Square is crazy to her because she came from such humble beginnings. Tones and I recounted how she spent most of her time back home in Australia "busking" better known as street performing. Tones and I explained how in order to get her career started she made a demo CD and started selling them for $10. She really just wanted to build everything organically, so for about a year she lived in her car and focused on her street performing to get her name out to the public. 

Later in the interview Tones and I talked about her song "Dance Monkey" with Shelley Rome and how the song came about. She tells Shelley how one night when she was busking there were so many drunk people coming up to her asking her to sing encore after encore. "One guy tried to steal money from me and one girl knocked my keyboards off their stands. And that is where 'Dance Monkey' came from" Tones and I revealed. In that moment she was super annoyed by the whole situation but now having her song listened to by people all over the world she is grateful. 

Watch Tones and I's full interview at Katz Deli with Shelley Rome above!

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