Static & Ben El Describe How Pitbull Inspires Upcoming Worldwide Artists

Static & Ben El join Shelley Rome in the Z100 studios to talk about their music and how Pitbull has inspired upcoming worldwide artists.

"Everything is changing," Static describes as they venture into more projects in the U.S, "Everything is slowly shifting in a different direction in our whole career.. It's a blessing." The Israeli musical pop duo go on to describe selling out shows in New York.

"It's next level," says Static about working with Pitbull. Their song Further Up, was released at the beginning of this year. "It's amazing, it's a dream come true. That guy is not only an awesome guy, he super humble super nice, but he also an inspiration especially for upcoming worldwide artists.. I mean that's Mr. Worldwide right?" Static continues saying, "If you want to be a worldwide act, that's the guy you have to look at." "Super nice," adds Ben El. "It's almost unreal how someone who has reached where he has reached in life would be so humble and like he's a superstar with a huge heart," Static explains further.

Static & Ben El continue describing Pitbull's energy in and out of the studio as well as upcoming cool music collaborations they have and their families with Shelley above!

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