Hilarious Mockumentary 'Anya Marina: Indie-pendent Woman' Is A Must Watch!

If you're running out of things to watch while quarantined, I found a new hilarious web series that I'm obsessed with called 'Anya Marina: Indie-pendent Woman'

It's a mockumentary following recording artist Anya Marina as she’s forced to re-adjust to life as an independent artist after she gets dropped from her record label. She is witty, smart, so fun to watch and just hilariously unaware. Each episode is under 10 minutes and before you know it you will have binged all 6 episodes of season 1. When you get to episode 3 look out for a perfect guest appearance from the lovely Kate Walsh.

In the words of Anya herself "It smells like a toilet, looks like a dream" (just watch)

Below is the link to epsiode 1...(you're welcome)

In addition to being hysterical Anya is a super talented artist and I really like her new song "BROKEN BOTTLES'

If I had a car I would definitely drive around aimlessly and listen to it on repeat....check out the video below!