Dixie D'Amelio Praises Jason Derulo's TikTok Game: 'He's The Best'

Dixie D'Amelio may be busy with being the face of a new makeup line, clothing line, putting out her first single and TikToking with the family, but somehow she made the time to sit down with Shelley Rome (from the safe distance of LA to New York). The two of them chatted about everything going on in her life including beauty routines, Jason Derulo's TikTok game and confirming a rumored reality show.

"We are doing a reality show, not sure all the details yet but it’s in the works right now," Dixie tells Shelley on a Zoom call, “It’s fun that we all get to do it together." Fortunately for Dixie her parents aren't cringy as Shelley said about hers. Luckily, Dixie's parents are already used to the cameras. The D'Amelio's constantly have cameras around to film their always viral TikToks. Dixie reveals that the dance videos always have her doing retakes. "Those take an hour for me when for Charli it takes one try," the new singer admits.

Dixie just released her first song 'Be Happy,' and it's breaking records left and right including her music video that quickly became the #1 trending video on YouTube beating Kanye and Travis Scott's music video released the same day. How does Dixie do it? Well her song lyrics have resinated with millions of teens and adults around the world. "The lyrics mean so much to me, because it’s true. Sometimes you don’t always want to be happy. That’s why I was so excited to record it and share it," Dixie shares.

Many stars and singers have created a correlation between TikTok and having their songs go #1 because of it. Jason Derulo is a pro at the TikTok game and Dixie recognizes that. "He’s the best and he really understands it and that’s why his song went number one, because of TikTok." The song she is referring to is 'Savage Love,' which people now dance to on the app.

Dixie isn't just taking over the TikTok and music scene, her and her sister Charli have announced that they are now the faces of Hollister as well as the new faces of Morphe 2. "We went to private school and we never put on a lot of makeup," Dixie explains to Shelley, "I enjoy wearing makeup, but for the people who want to go more natural, that’s what we wanted to show." Dixie tells Shelley her getting ready routine is simple, consisting of sheer foundation, blush and maybe a little bit of eyeshadow, mascara and then done! "I love the blush that it has," Dixie says of the new line.

Listen to Dixie's full interview with Shelley below to get all of the details on Dixie's family, lifestyle, and music!