The Cast Of 'Julie and the Phantoms' Talk Possible Second Season Of Show

The Netflix series everyone is talking about, Julie and the Phantoms is the must binge show of the season!

Lucky enough, Shelley Rome was able to sit down on Zoom with the cast of the hit show to talk all about the season and what's to come....? Shelley cut right to the chase in this interview, after asking fans to tweet in questions, it was revealed that everyone just wants to know one thing... Will there be a season 2?!

"I'm going to say we hope," the cast tells Shelley. "Let's say yes, but not confirmed." That's as close to a yes that I think we're going to get from these guys. However it was revealed that they have already started writing and composing their songs for a potential season 2. "We have a chunk of them already in case it happens." Netflix is playing with all of our minds right now!

Julie and the Phantoms, directed by the beloved Kenny Ortega is about a teenage Julie who finds her passion for music while helping the Phantoms, a trio of ghostly guys, become the band they were never able to be.

The series is available to stream NOW on Netflix, and you can watch Shelley's full interview with the cast above!