Shelley Rome's ENT Report: Will Smith Makes Dad Bods Trendy

There’s a saying: “Love never means having to say you’re sorry.” But here’s another one: Divorce me and get a couple billion bucks…..The other day we were all floored to hear that Bill and Melinda Gates were splitting after 27 years of marriage. We also knew there wasn’t a pre-nup...though now it seems that they’re going to try and sort everything out without a judge. That’s not what we originally heard. TMZ’s report that they’ve been negotiating the divorce for monthS and that Mr. Gates gifted his estranged Missus one-point-eight BILLION bucks on the day she filed. ALSO…I'm hearing the family is taking Melindas side soo clearly, HE messed up AND now he's begging for mercy. Let's be real though, he’s still got 128-billion more in the bank soooo, it’s not like he’s sweating it....If only money could buy you happiness.

BTW...I'm living for the newly single Bill Gates content...

In way better relationship news, while her ex Ben Affleck may be flirting with a JLo reunion, Jennifer Garner is giving love a second try with CaliBurger CEO John Miller. The first time around, Jen and John started dating in 2018, but apparently split right before the world locked down last year. Now a source says that they’re reunited! Word was that he was ready for marriage, but she wasn’t and that’s why they went their separate ways originally...maybe she’s singing a different tune? Or maybe she's just embarrassed by her ex’s dating app shenanigans and realizes there is no way she’s ever getting back together with him.

If you didn’t love Will Smith already –when he unveiled his ‘dad bod’ on the socials and admitted the last year has left him in the worst shape of his life. He says he’s committed to getting back in a groove. "I love this body, but I wanna FEEL better,” he wrote. “No more midnight muffins…this is it! Imma get in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!!!!!"

He also shared some of the intense workouts people have been sharing with him...i'm crying while watching some of them LOL

BTW…he has inspired so many men to post their dad bods....#BigWillieChallenge and I LOVE LOVE IT!!

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