Krispy Kreme Adds New AMAZING Summer Lemonade Glaze Collection

Krispy Kreme is FEEDING US (literally) all the summer vibes and switching it up by announcing a NEW summer menu and it sounds super refreshing. The Lemonade Glaze Collection will include 4 doughnuts and they're calling it “freshly squeezed” similar to lemonade....YUMMMMYYYYYYYYYY!

Lemonade Glazed Doughnut– features a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnut with the bright flavor of the all-new Lemonade Glaze

Lemonade Glazed, Lemon Kreme Doughnut– the all-new Lemonade Glazed doughnut with a Lemon Kreme filling

Strawberry Lemonade Doughnut– a Lemonade Glazed doughnut that’s dipped in a strawberry topping and finished off with a lemon icing swirl

Pink Lemonade Cake Doughnut– a Pink Lemonade Cake doughnut that is covered in Lemonade Glaze with a pink sugar and lemon buttercream topping

The collection is available at participating locations nationwide for a limited time.


Literally salivating....

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