Trisha Paytas Apologizes For “Frenemies” Drama With Ethan Klein

SOOO, it’s only been two days since Trisha Paytas announced their sudden exit from the “Frenemies” podcast with H3H3’s Ethan Klein AND there’s already been tons of drama.

After Ethan reacted to news of their exit, he and Paytas got into it on Twitter where Paytas accused Klein of “switching” his story about lowering their pay cut from the podcast to pay production costs and employees. Paytas produced receipts and posted screenshots of texts between them and ended up getting tons of backlash online for using antisemitic language with Klein, who is Jewish.

Now, Paytas has deleted all of their texts, apologized on to Klein on twitter, the “Frenemies” crew, and EVEN apologized in a new Youtube video which you can watch below....They are clearly very emotional and is going through a lot right now....staying offline and taking a break is probably the smartest thing they can do.