Piers Morgan Calls Nicki Minaj ‘The Rudest Little Madam': She Fires BACK!

Nicki Minaj was a part of a drama-filled day on Twitter after saying that her cousin’s friend had become impotent after receiving the coronavirus vaccine. 

Megan McCain, Chris Whitty, Boris Johnson and Piers Morgan who responded by tweeting,“Professor Whitty beefing with the ghastly @NICKIMINAJ (one of the rudest little madams I’ve ever met) is not the breaking news that I expected today – but it’s most welcome,”he also said Minaj was,“peddling lies that will cost lives”.

It wasn’t long before Nicki responded to the troubling news anchor writing,“Sir I’ve never met you. I know… we all look alike. ‘Rudest little madam’. I like it. Has a special ring to it. Thanks, Pierce [sic]. Love the accent. I’d love to come chat. Scones. Tea. Clown nose & big red shoes for you. Lmk babe.”

Nicki changed her Twitter bio to “Rudest little madam” with a Union Jack emoji. Morgan claimed he met Nicki on the set ofAmerica’s Got Talent and that she refused to take a picture with his three children. Nicki refuted Piers claim writing,“Stop f***ng lying. I never turn [sic] down pics with kids. If a middle person told you that, they were out of line. don’t blame me you stupid piece of s***.”


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