Carmines Hostess Attacked For Asking Diners For Vaccine Proof To Eat Inside

According to a hostess at Carmines in NYC was attacked for asking to see a group's proof of COVID vaccination which is now a requirement to dine inside at every restaurant in the city. They were reportedly in town from Texas. The executive order went into effect this week.

According to reports the hostess was punched in the face and body multiple times and sent to the hospital when all she did was ask for proof.

A spokesperson for Carmine's said that "it's a shocking and tragic situation when one of our valued employees is assaulted for doing their job — as required by city policies — and trying to make a living." According to police 3 people are facing charges.

The Hospitality Alliance is calling on the city and the state to increase penalties for assaulting restaurant workers who are trying to enforce the new COVID rules. As they should. This is horrible.

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