Bridesmaid Called Out For “Upstaging” Bride By Altering Dress

When you agree to be a bridesmaid, you don’t always get a say in what you’ll be just have to hope your taste aligns with the brides vision for your's part of what you're signing up for.

One bridesmaid wasn’t too impressed with the green gown she was stuck with, so she did some alterations to make it more her style. And she’s laughing off accusations she was trying to “upstage” the bride by changing the dress just days before the wedding.

In a series of videos she shared to TikTok, Brittney Rae gives us the before and after of the $300 dress she calls a “frumpy robe.” I actually didn't hate the way it looked before she altered it.

Originally, the green velvet dress was floor-length and wrap-style. The first video shows the her cutting it up for the makeover. She is clearly very good with he sewing machine. She shares a second video with the way it looks once she's done.. a midi-length dress with cap sleeves and a plunging neckline. She did do a fab job on it!

While Brittney looks very pleased with her creation, her followers called her out for trying to steal the spotlight from the bride saying things like...

“Imagine thinking you’re the main character in someone’s wedding,” one writes.

And another warns, “Don’t try to upstage.”

But Brittney hit back saying “If I was trying to upstage a bride at her own wedding, I’d have to do better than a homemade green dress.”

How did the bride feel about the dress??? She seemed fine with it..and thats truly all that matters. Here they are at the wedding together


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