Hilarious Things People Hide From Their Bosses While Working Remote

Transitioning from the office to home has Americans realizing that a work-life balance is actually achievable. People are also realizing that it’s possible to fulfill the demands of a personal life while also on the clock such as

  • Discovering that as long as they’re staying on top of their communication and meeting their deadlines, then what’s the real harm in knocking out a load of laundry or taking the dog for a walk during work from home hours. Seriously though!
  • Working out of your bed, in your PJs, and with your kids in the same room as you have all become pretty relatable trends for remote workers.

But now, the “Huffington Post” has compiled a pretty hilarious list of the secrets remote workers have kept from their bosses. They include:

  1. Working from home…on the toilet...thats just wrong lol
  2. Hiking during office hours
  3. Working naked
  4. Having sex during a work call...but how?????
  5. Moving to another state
  6. Moving to another country
  7. Starting grad school
  8. A traumatic brain injury
  9. A pandemic baby...I have a friend who hid this from everyone.
  10. A chronic illness
  • What’s something you do while working from home you wouldn’t want your boss to know?

Source Huffington Post


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