Fans Think Selena Gomez Confirmed Chris Evans Dating Rumors

Fans have been investigating Selena Gomez’s dating life and believe they were given another clue which continues to lead to Selena and Chris Evans dating. 

Taylor Swift made a TikTok with Selena at SNL and Selena is seen wearing an ivory cable knit sweater, much like the one Chris Evans wore in Knives Out. 

Selena fans are still convinced Selena and Chris are dating after fake pictures of them surfaced online early in October, then toward the end of October Chris posted a video of him playing the piano and fans thought Selena was lurking in the shadows and now with Selena's choice of sweaters, “Selenators” still believe they are a couple. 

The only problem is the sweater that Selena wore is different from the one Evans wore in the movie. Sorry. We are def gonna need more proof than that

Below is the video in question....


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