First-Ever Female Owned NYC Brewery Is In Williamsburg And You Have To Try

TALEA Beer Co. is the first-ever woman-owned and run brewery and taproom in New York. LeAnn and Tara met after leaving their corporate jobs and decided to pursue their passions by creating a new kind of brewery right here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I got the chance to actually go to the brewery and talk to both LeAnn and Tara and even get to the back and see how the beer is made right there. Immediately walking in we were greeted with the place completely filled on a Friday afternoon. Sipping coffee and working on their laptops, the residents of Williamsburg (and probably NYC as a whole) gather at TALEA to get work done during the day drinking coffee that you can also get at this brewery and then slowly as the day turns to happy hour switch over to beer according to the owners.

"We are a Brooklyn based brewery and we brew almost everything we sell," says Tara one of the owners, "We met in April 2018 and by April 2019 we left our jobs to start brewing beers." Tara continues, "Our whole mission is to expand the craft beer market and have more customers feel excited and welcomed into the beer community." The other co-founder LeAnn adds that they also wanted to create a space for women to feel welcomed into the brewery. "We already knew inherently and realized that other women felt that there are no beer brands that are speaking to them." LeAnn continues, "Wine companies, canned rosé's, hard seltzers, all are really going after the female consumer, but very few beer companies are."

As a girl that doesn't drink beer all that often I can say with confidence that between the ambiance and the actual taste of the beer, that this is a place I would want to hang out with all of my friends. There are even mixed cocktails and 'beer cocktails' on the menu for the person who comes here that isn't too enthused about beer.

You can watch a little bit of my journey at TALEA above and be sure to make a reservation or stop by the place soon! Especially as it gets nicer out!

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