1. Rosé Gummy Bears

Ok, I admit. Growing up, my guilty pleasure was Haribo Gummy Bears. I'd eat them all the time. And at the same time, I've jumped on the Rosè bandwagon. So having two of my favorite things combined in one is mind boggling. They also have...get this...RED WINE Gummy Bears! Stop it....

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2. USPS Informed Delivery Alerts 

Sometimes you can't deal with the anticipation of something you're expecting to come in the mail. Will it or won't it arrive today? Well now the U.S. Post Office can send you a personalized free, neat little daily email letting you know specifically what's coming to your house that day. It's called Informed Delivery. The email contains a scanned picture of the front of every envelope that you'll be getting in your mailbox later that afternoon. It's kinda like a spoiler for your daily snail mail. And it's free!


Source: informeddelivery.usps.com

Unbox your #greenthumb this spring. #usps

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3. Spoofcard

The secret ingredient in our phone taps! I use this service to help me trick unsuspecting targets on our phone taps! You can make the Caller ID of anyone you call, show up as anything you want it to be. It's the absolute best for playing jokes on people. And a bonus - it allows you to digitally change your voice and record phone calls. 

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More Android app awesomeness! #hardatwork #android #2013

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4. Philips White and Color Ambiance Light Bulbs

I unscrewed all the regular old lightbulbs in my house and replaced them with these! Each bulb can turn hundreds of different colors - and you can change them infinitely, by swiping your finger along the color pallet on an app from your smartphone or tablet. You can preset numerous moods (color schemes) using a series of bulbs in a specific room or your entire house - then call out to Siri or Alexa to switch between the different moods. You're in complete control! And you can make each bulb individually as bright or as dim as you want- without even installing a dimmer switch on your wall. Brilliant! This may be the best home improvement I've made in years. 

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Sync your portable sound system with portable light. #HueGo #PhilipsHue

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5. The Genius Song Lyrics & Music Knowledge App

My "go to app" for finding out the deeper meanings behind song lyrics- especially hip-hop music- complete with clickable sections that reveal callbacks and references to other artists, songs, and pop culture. This app also reveals the true origin of beats, melodies, and rhythms that sound familiar in your favorite songs. 

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dear Slim, i wrote you but you still ain't callin...

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