Breaking Down the 'Call Her Daddy' Podcast Split + My Personal Thoughts

I’ve been following the "Call Her Daddy" podcast story closely because it has to do with 2 POWERHOUSE female podcasts & that is something that I’m obviously passionate about.

First off, I want to say that it makes me so sad that two best friends were ripped apart by money, business, and politics. I don’t have a side that I’m on – in fact, I feel sorry for both girls because at the end of the day what they created TOGETHER was so special and unique and although the podcast will live on with Alexandra Cooper, I believe that sometimes there’s a magic between two people that just cannot be replaced.

It breaks my heart that they couldn’t stay together not just as podcast partners but as friends through this.

That being said, I hope the podcast continues in its success and Sofia Franklyn finds success in whatever she chooses to do next. As fellow podcasters and women in the industry, I will always lift up my fellow modern women and support them in any way I can. This also makes me love and appreciate my BFF and podcast cohost Becca Tilley because at the end of the day, our friendship matters more than anything. Yes, we don’t always agree on everything; yes we have different opinions; but we have always put our friendship first and will continue to do that.

Second, the articles and fans that keep calling these women “greedy” really fire me up. Yes, what these women were being offered is a TON of money. Yes, I would take it in a heartbeat. But if these were two men in this debacle I feel as though this wouldn’t even be a discussion.

Joe Rogan just sold his podcast for 100 MILLION DOLLARS! 100 MILLION DOLLARS! So these girls asking for 1 million seems more than fair to me.

Third, at the end of the day, it’s about community. That is what podcast lifestyle is about. Building family and community of like-minded individuals. A time to come together and laugh and do life together. But, also seeing your worth and feeling valued and the importance of that. To me, when I watched all this unfold, I felt a lack of respect on every side of the equation. At the end of it all, the major takeaway is to focus on what matters in my work world: my friendship, our Scrub sisters, and listening to what my gut tells me!

What are your thoughts? Sound off @TanyaRad and let me know!

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