What to Stream to Help Better Educate Yourself

OAWRS' Tanya Rad here! I wanted to share the resources we learned from a Scrub sister in the latest Scrubbing In With Becca Tilley & Tanya Rad podcast episode so you can join me in educating ourselves better in the wake of George Floyd's -- and countless others -- death.

I received the below DM from listener Natalie and it really struck me:

“Tanya! As a black scrub sister I want to say that the support I’ve gotten from our scrub sisters has been great! I notice that a lot of people want to do better & ask for resources – what do you think about maybe we choose some movies / shows to watch that showcases the injustice of black people?”

Natalie has since shared with us a the list below of documentaries, podcasts and movies that we can all watch to help do our part. I've also added the film Just Mercy which recently bacame available to rent for FREE! all of June:

In case you missed the podcast, listen back below and join the conversation:

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