Cameron Dallas Talks 'Mean Girls' On Broadway, New Music, Sobriety & More

Cameron Dallas joined EJ for a virtual interview to talk all about the his run on Broadway, new music, his sobriety and more.

Before the pandemic, Cameron starred in "Mean Girls" on Broadway where he played Aaron Samuels. He says it was a great experience but gives Broadway stars a lot of credit. His main focus right now is music and he recently dropped his latest song "Used To Me."

[The song is about] basically pushing people away because you feel like you have nothing to offer them and you feel like you aren't worthy of someone's love. A lot of that stems from not loving yourself. So you meet someone, you start to feel a vibe but you already have in your conscience that you're not a value to anyone, so you just push them away.

Cameron also opened up about his sobriety and talked about being a year and a half clean, explaining a lot of his music stems from opening about what he went through.

A lot of these songs I'm coming out with is a darker vibe. This is when I was going through a really dark phase in my life. I'm going out a lot, I was partying, I was just running from a lot of the problems I had and I think it just stemmed from me learning how to deal with a lot of things at a young age and trying to overcome that and try to get back to my sobriety.

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