Ben Higgins Reveals New Wedding Date & How They're Planning

Ben Higgins joined The Vibe this weekend and shared everything from his new book, Alone In Plain Sight, to how he's navigating wedding a planning amid the global pandemic.

The Bachelor alum gushed that fiancée Jessica Clarke is the partner he's always dreamed of and that trying to navigate planning their perfect wedding became stressful amid quarantine shut downs and socially safe restrictions.

"I am engaged to a woman who makes me a lot better of a man," Ben shared. "Until I met Jess, and until I really started to dive deep in my heart and the things I needed to do better, I didn’t know if I could ever find that. ... I’ve met somebody I can do life with and do it well. …I’m lovestruck."

And as for wedding planning, like other engaged couples in 2020, they've been forced to rearrange their plans.

"We started planning for a wedding and initially it was like 'Let's get married end of this year' … and it started to stress us out," Higgins admitted. "... It just didn’t feel right. … We said who cares if we're engaged for [longer]."

Pre-order your copy of Ben's book here and watch back the full interview in the video above to find out their new wedding date and much more!