Does Being Over-The-Top Work to Win Someone Back?


Photo: Getty Images

Do you think being over-the-top works when trying to get someone back or pretending to move on? What’s the move?

Kim Kardashian announced about 8 months ago that she was filing for divorce from Kanye West, who now goes by Ye.

As we all have seen, Kim is spending a lot of time with Pete Davidson. Ye was linked to model Irina Shayk, but it seems like Ye is not going down without a fight.

He’s posting pics on his Instagram stories of Kim with a TMZ headline that reads “Kanye West says God will bring Kim & him back together."

He’s making it very public & obvious he wants to win Kim back which leads me back to my original question.

Now obviously we don’t know why these two divorced & that’s not the point, my question to you is, would you be more wow’ed by an ex that was super vocal and obvious about winning you back over? Or do you think playing the game and acting like you’re moving on and living your best life is the way to go?

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