lovelytheband Bonded With 5 Seconds of Summer on European Tour


lovelytheband have a lot to celebrate this holiday season, from the success of the band's breakout single, "Broken," to touring the world, to getting to being home for the Christmas holiday. 

In November, lovelytheband wrapped up a European tour with 5 Seconds of Summer. Singer Mitchy Collins says the two bands got really close on the road.

"Those are some of our best friends in the whole world, so it was really exciting to be able to tour together and get over there with them," he tells Z100's Mo' Bounce. "Tour is like summer camp. The first two weeks are always awkward ... so when you get to tour with friends, all that goes out the window."

The band members say they'll have "a day or two" of family time before it's time to get back to work. 

Drummer Sam Price says as long as he gets a homemade breakfast Christmas morning, he's all good. 

"My mom Christmas morning makes up breakfast — the whole family — she makes homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch," he says. "...I dream about it."

Check out the full interview above!

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